- How Long Does It Take To Receive The Verification Email?
When you first sign up for EveryDollar, you will be sent a verification email. While this email usually comes through in a few minutes, it can take several hours to receive that email...
- Why Can't I Sign In?
Some of the most common issues with the sign-in process are:...
- How Do I Change My Password?
To change your password, follow these steps.
- How Do I Change The Email Address On My Account?
Currently, there isn't a way to change the email address that was used to sign up...
- How Do I Sign Out?
1. It's just one quick step. Click "Sign Out" in the lower left of the page.
- I Cancelled My Free Trial/Voucher. How Do I Restart My Plus Membership?
If you have turned off auto-renew for the Free Trial or voucher before it ended and you want to restart your Plus membership, follow these steps.
- How Do I Redeem My Voucher for EveryDollar Plus?
Click here if you have a free EveryDollar Account. Click here if you have already signed up for EveryDollar Plus. Click here if you've never signed up for EveryDollar to create a free account. ...