Does EveryDollar Have an iPhone App?

Yes, we do have an iPhone app in the App Store! And it's FREE to use with your account!

Just search "EveryDollar" in the App Store and download the app. Then sign up and get started! You can sign up on both the iPhone app or at on a computer. Once your account is created, the app will automatically sync with the browser version on your computer. 

With the EveryDollar iPhone app, you can quickly see if you have enough in the clothing budget to buy those shoes you're looking at. Then, once you buy them, it takes just a few seconds to enter that expense and keep your budget up to date. You can also add new Budget Items, reorder them, edit them, and delete them right from your iPhone.

EveryDollar Plus Members: Keep up with your budget even faster! When you sign in, your transactions will automatically import, and all you have to do is drag and drop them into your budget!