- How Do I Delete the Debts Budget Group?

upgrade to EveryDollar Plus

You can upgrade to EveryDollar Plus on mobile by opening the EveryDollar iPhone or Android app and navigating to the menu.

Congratulations! You are totally debt-free (maybe even including the house!) and you'd like to remove the "Debts" budget group from your EveryDollar budget. 

The "Debts" budget group is tied to the Baby Steps page. That's the page where you can track your Baby Step progress, save for emergencies, pay down debts, and save for retirement and college. Because the Baby Steps page pulls data from your monthly budget, the "Debts" budget group cannot be removed at this time.

We are working on new features for the Baby Steps page to give users more information and control over tracking their progress. So stay tuned for updates!

Meanwhile, look at that empty "Debts" group as a badge of honor. You've worked hard to get out of debt or avoid it in the first place. That's something to be proud of!