We have many users that are able to successfully connect EveryDollar to their USAA accounts. USAA has several security options you can choose to use with your account, like CyberCode Token and CyberCode Text. Unfortunately, EveryDollar will only work if you have your USAA account set up with their "Computer Recognition" with security question option. *(not the text option)

(See this page for more details on USAA security options: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/security_token_logon_options)

Once you have verified your account security options, you should be able to update your bank log-in credentials at EveryDollar, following the steps outlined here: 


If you are still having difficulties, make sure your bank password is not more than 12 characters. Occasionally we run into an issue with users who are using a long password to log into their bank's website. Make sure the password you are using at your bank is not more than 12 characters in length.

Please contact EveryDollar Support if you are continuing to have difficulties.