- What is EveryDollar?

upgrade to EveryDollar Plus

You can upgrade to EveryDollar Plus on mobile by opening the EveryDollar iPhone or Android app and navigating to the menu.

EveryDollar is a cutting-edge online budgeting tool that allows you to focus your money on what matters. It’s free and easy to use.

You start by giving a name to every dollar you earn each month until there are no more dollars to name! Your income now equals your outgo. As you update your EveryDollar budget with day-to-day expenses, you’ll be able to see if your spending choices line up with your budget, and you can make adjustments as needed. EveryDollar also walks you through the Baby Steps, which is a proven plan to help you save for emergencies, eliminate your debts, save for the future, build wealth and live (and give) like no one else!

There’s also an iPhone app for download so you can access your EveryDollar budget and track your expenses on the go.