Why Can't I Verify My Email on the iPhone App?

1. You've just signed up for EveryDollar and you're excited to get started! The only problem is you have a message saying "We’ve just emailed instructions to so******@gmail.com" and you aren't seeing that email. Here are a couple of things to look out for.

-If you have a Gmail account, make sure you check your "Promotions" or "Social" tabs and make sure it's not sorted there.

-Check your spam/junk folders. Often times, different email services will flag our activation emails as being spam. (How Rude ;-)

-You can also search in your email for "EveryDollar" exactly (no spaces) to find the email.

2. Ok, so you've found the email. But when you select the verification link, it takes you back to the same "We've just emailed you instructions ..." message. This is most likely because the verification link has expired. Once you have the verification link sent to you, it expires after 24 hours. To get the link re-activated and sent to you again, just select the "Resent" link at the bottom of the message. Then check your inbox for the new verification email link.

*See how to verify your email using a computer.